P.Ç. 1 The ability to make associations between the basic accounting knowledge and the study fields of law related to accounting
P.Ç. 2 The ability to improve oneself by following the development of science, technology and contemporary issues
P.Ç. 3 Uses the Turkish language effectively in written and face to face communication and has the necessary foreign language skills.
P.Ç. 4 Basic business knowledge and general information about business functions, know the economic concepts and the ability to associate with current applications.
P.Ç. 5 It is capable of managing a process in order to meet the requirements related to accounting and tax practices at the workplace.
P.Ç. 6 Be able to develop analytical thinking and mathematical knowledge, to identify and solve problems in the field.
P.Ç. 7 It has the awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning in the field and the ability to realize it.
P.Ç. 8 Knows the accounting and financial standards, Turkish Commercial Code and professional legal regulations, has the ability to follow, understand and apply the changes.
P.Ç. 9 Have the ability to communicate effectively in office environment, internal and external elements.
P.Ç. 10 It is know that bank, foreign exchange legislation, foreign trade legislation, conducts operations and operations, keeps the relevant accounting records.
P.Ç. 11 By pursuing business opportunities, evaluating investment projects, doing feasibility and analysis, and gaining awareness on entrepreneurship and innovation.
P.Ç. 12 It is know that the concepts of finance, cost, financial cost, apply accounting and techniques, create and interpret the financial statements and reports that the business and information users need.
P.Ç. 13 Uses information and communication technology tools and space and package programs.
P.Ç. 14 It is know and apply that general accounting, end-of-year accounting transactions, cost and corporate accounting, accounting audit.
P.Ç. 15 In the busy work tempo, he / she performs individual work or team work effectively, gains self-confidence and takes responsibility.