P.Ç. 1 To be able to develop and deepen their knowledge at the level of expertise in the same or a different field based on their undergraduate level qualifications.
P.Ç. 2 To be able to comprehend the interdisciplinary interaction related to the field of tourism and travel.
P.Ç. 3 To understand the basic concepts, events and phenomena related to Tourism, Travel Management and Tourism Guidance, to understand the problems encountered in the sector and to develop practical solutions to problems.
P.Ç. 4 To be able to make strategic analysis as a social scientist who is qualified about qualitative and quantitative research designs with a scientific research project and SWOT analysis.
P.Ç. 5 To know the process of giving services related to the profession of tourist guidance and to fulfill the profession to ensure visitor satisfaction.
P.Ç. 6 To know the basic tourism development in the world and to have information about terminology and different tourism movements
P.Ç. 7 To have basic business information and to determine competition strategies.
P.Ç. 8 To have knowledge about alternative tourism areas, to recognize and understand different cultures, to know different cultures and to communicate with different cultures by creating transportation services in terms of tourism.
P.Ç. 9 Turkey's economic, social, legal, cultural and natural to have knowledge about the values and issues and ensure that associated with the current event.
P.Ç. 10 Turkey's historical and touristic values, museums, attractions such as the ruins, to have information about the mythological value.
P.Ç. 11 To have the ability and responsibility to be aware of sustainability, environmental sensitivity and social responsibility and social, scientific and professional ethical values in tourism and travel sector and to develop self-personal and professional continuous development and to plan urban protection.
P.Ç. 12 To show reading, comprehension, speaking and writing skills in English at the general level of European Language Portfolio C2 in English. - To show reading, comprehension, speaking and writing skills at a general level of European Language Portfolio B2 at a level suitable for the sector in a second foreign language.
P.Ç. 13 To know and apply the legal regulations and professional standards related to tourism area and tourist guidance.
P.Ç. 14 To be able to think critically, to produce different solutions, to analyze information and to think analytically, to have the ability to control internal and external environment in terms of enterprises.