P.Ç. 1 Will be knowledgeable about human psychology and socio-cultural structures.
P.Ç. 2 Will demonstrate high levels of interest in advertising career and be knowledgeable about marketing, advertising, public relations and brand building
P.Ç. 3 Will have the strategic perspective that advertising career requires.
P.Ç. 4 Will know the acteristics of traditional and new media
P.Ç. 5 Will know theoretical approaches in the field of communication and advertising
P.Ç. 6 Will be knowledgeable about different genres of cinema and music
P.Ç. 7 Will know art movements and will have aesthetic perspective
P.Ç. 8 Works effectively as a team member
P.Ç. 9 Works in accordance with professional ethical standards
P.Ç. 10 Follow national and international studies in advertising
P.Ç. 11 Ability to analyze and apply data
P.Ç. 12 To be able to use all software related to advertising effectively
P.Ç. 13 Have the ability to express himself / herself in a foreign language
P.Ç. 14 Run an ad campaign from beginning to end
P.Ç. 15 Can use the graphic design and video editing software effectively
P.Ç. 16 Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills. Can express itself properly.
P.Ç. 17 Recognize and use various media
P.Ç. 18 Perform successful video shootings and editing