P.Ç. 1 1. Upholding the scientific approach, possesses advanced and up to date knowledge of both theoretical and applied Physics.
P.Ç. 2 2. Designs and realizes experiments to analyze Physics related problems, acquires data and analyzes and interprets the results.
P.Ç. 3 3. Can adapt and transfer her/his Physics knowledge to intermediate level education
P.Ç. 4 4. Can use her/his advanced knowledge of theoretical and applied Physics
P.Ç. 5 5. Follows developments in theoretical and applied Physics and s her/his Physics knowledge accordingly
P.Ç. 6 6. Can identify, analyze and develop solution ideas for Physics related problems posed by current technological developments by using her/his knowledge and abilities.
P.Ç. 7 7. Conceptualizes Physics related events and phenomena and analyzes them using scientific methods and techniques.
P.Ç. 8 8. Recognizes the necessity of Lifelong Learning.
P.Ç. 9 9. Understands the problems of current epoch
P.Ç. 10 10. Can contribute in interdisciplinary teamwork
P.Ç. 11 Professional and ethical responsibility