P.Ç. 1 To have basic theoretical knowledge in the field of banking.
P.Ç. 2 To have the necessary knowledge about the profession by using computer in the level required by the profession.
P.Ç. 3 Have the ability to understand the basic concepts of banking and insurance professions and use them effectively in working life.
P.Ç. 4 They have the knowledge and equipment to be able to fulfill the legal responsibilities in the sector they work and to follow and implement the relevant legislation.
P.Ç. 5 Knows the importance of banking and insurance in terms of national economy and businesses and expresses correctly.
P.Ç. 6 To be able to find practical solutions to problems in daily commercial activities
P.Ç. 7 In business life, has the ability to communicate effectively, has the ability to convince, has the ability to establish effective customer relations
P.Ç. 8 Has the ability to work individually and as a team in matters related to the profession and to follow the innovations related to the sector.
P.Ç. 9 It takes responsibility in banking and insurance sector and in general in finance sector. After meeting the legal requirements, it has the knowledge of working in its own name, working in accordance with the qualifications and professional ethic principles and basic level of professional foreign language.
P.Ç. 10 To have the consciousness of acting in accordance with professional ethical principles.
P.Ç. 11 Evaluates the information obtained in the learning process according to cause-effect relationship, knows what information, where, when and how to use it,? has the quality.
P.Ç. 12 Having a basic professional foreign language